The 10 things about the Internet that turn me on!

Author: iyda /

haha, korang pown same kan? jgn tipu..kita same shj..haha..betul kan?even penat skali pown, sibuk mne skali pown, internet mmg dah jdi perkara wajib utk perkara dibwah..ngeee.. itu list aku punya..There is chart for 10 things about the Internet that turn me on:-

1. Facebook
2. Email
3. Youtube
4. Online shopping
5. Surfing for discoveries
6. Online banking
7. Online video conferencing
8. Blogging 
9. Online gaming 
10. Group buying sites

1st skali for sure facebook.Why? hahahha, i can share my daily life on Facebook and stalk my friends at the same times. ngeee..

2 : For those using smartphone like blackberry or htc or iPhone, they are lucky because can access their email using their phone. Like me also, sometime when got email but cannot find the attached, cepat2 buka lappy kan? nak tgk ape sbenarnye yg di-attached kan...betul x? haha

3 : Haha, ini best! bila sorng2 dekat bilik, sure bored.. utk hiburkan hati Youtube lah peneman..ngeee.. now, dah xde masa tgk tv..bila on lappy je for sure nak search rancngan yg dah terlepas..heee..i can get watch my favourite tv series America's Next Top Model, The Voice online and laugh at funny staff uploaded by i rite? u all pown same je kan? gagaga

4 : Ini mostly girl lah kan? act, guy pown ade tapi jarang2 la..ade ade tpi x seghairah girl online shopping. At desperate times when i need retail therapy and its raining outside, i turn to online shopping. i absolutely love blogshops that sell clothes, accessories and etc. heee.. and them delivered to me. :) but must pay for postage lah..

5 : When im in bluring and need some answer i will google it. its easy. i can get the answer faster then i wait for ask others. Also, surfing the internet and stumbling upon interesting reads.

6 : Its so much easier to check my account balance and etc nowadays. No more queues! Yes!

7 : Lately no more video conferencing because when i turn on my lappy and check whos online, nobody. because of what before this i on9 for 24hours then now i just on9 when i am free to turn me on the Internet. That y, they also dont know when i on9 and they cannot wait for me only to online..#hey, org Malaysia di Dubai..i just miss u when i talk about this. Damn!

8 : ngeee..Instead of writing in a diary and hiding under my bed, now i can write my chronicles online for everyone to not 24hours blogger, just i think this is my personal diary that can show to all others blogger. :)

9 : kalau dah betul2 bosan shj akan online gaming..heheheh i get to play game online and interact with people from all over the world to play game online.

10 : xselalu, but sumtime when i needed shj. btw, thanks to groups buying sites, i can now try different types of experience every day without having to pay full price for the service or product.